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From 19 to 23 October 2016, in the heart of Brera and in the center of Milan will take place BRERART - Contemporary Art Week. The major theme of that edition is "Feeding the thought" and involves Lombard and international artists, on the topic "visual arts and food image."

The 2016 edition of BRERART, is therefore mainly inspired by the legacy of the recent Milan EXPO and suited to the relationship between art and food. Food and art have an increasingly close relationship, especially since the food has become the field of design, photography, performance. Protagonists are the artists coordinated by Gattonero, historical writer.

BRERART 2016 also proposes the creation of an itinerary in which food products of Lombardy and Italy, will be ideally matched to the most prestigious cultural institutions, art galleries and historical sites of Milan.

BRERART is a network, a show, dedicated to contemporary art where the stands are galleries, showrooms and historic buildings, located in the Brera District of Milan, Italy. Participants are both Milan and international's art galleries and italian and international artists.

Brera in Milan, is a place that for centuries has been providing a vital contribution to cultural, artistical and commercial city life. Brera is a place full of charm and culture, a world accustomed to anticipate trends, where art, fashion, and design live together. A welcoming place, full of great creative and artistic ferment, where culture mixes with shopping and entertainment.



It is a project that aims to highlight the potential from the art point of view and the image of the center of Milan, known for creative choices and expression related to Design and Fashion.
A path that winds around Brera and leads to the places of the District related to art, image, production and culture.
A journey to discover exhibitions in appointed places and unusual, little known to the general public but location of artistic and cultural value of insights devoted to training and professional development, and a number of useful tips and guidelines to make the experience guests of BRERART Milan in 2016 a chance for reflection, discussion and purchase, entirely dedicated to fans, collectors, but also to those who do not usually attend the "circuitry" of the art world.
The selection of initiatives and exhibitions, reflects and confirms the research of BRERART project within the various forms of contemporary art and ipercontemporanea, oscillating between the representation of the latest trends and essential lesson and charm of some great artistidel the late twentieth century the Italian and international scene.
A busy week with several chances to FEED THE THOUGHT.
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